While putting together the slideshow for my first ever talk, I mentioned that I always name my images.

Naming each one of the images that I create is a way for me to further personalise my image. Since the main subject of the images that I share is architecture, it is easy to assume that there isn’t a deeper meaning especially when scrolling through thousands of images online.

My images are an essence of the subject that is presented. I am often called an architectural photographer, although there’s nothing wrong with the term, it is a term that I am not completely comfortable with. My work is not of typical architecture, it is often about how I felt when I first experienced these structures or how I was feeling on that particular day.

The images are an essence of a place and also an essence of myself. An intimate part that I allow myself to share with the world.

The other reason why I am not comfortable with the architectural photographer term is that I feel that it puts me in a box. I’ve been pushed to conform and fir in my entire life and my photography is the only place I am my true self and I do not want to be put in a box.

The image that I sharing today is called “Discretion”. There’s a constant pressure in this world to be visible with everything we do including our day to day life. This is something that I very much struggle with simply because I am deeply introverted and I have the most boring and mundane life.

I find great comfort in discretion. I am not talking about discretion in the normal sense. Discretion is not just about to be seen. It is also about the freedom to choose, decide and curate what and who we want in our life.


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