Valencia, more precisely the City of Arts has been popular amongst photographers since its completion in 2009. It has always been on my list of architecture to see.

The structure I am sharing today is that of Agora. A diaphanous large hall built of steel arches, and a roof made in glass. It is meant to be crowned with a movable structure that structure that controls the natural light and endows the otherwise horizontal building with a vertical component.

The large hall is raised slightly above ground level, underneath which there is a lower level with seats for up to 6000 audience. The structure itself rises up to a height of 70 metres with a diameter of its major axis at 88 metres and that of its minor minor axis at 66 metres.

Capturing this image was through trial and error. Although my visit was in November, it was exceptionally bright and warm. It was my first time in Spain and this was a weather that I definitely was not used to. In my limited travel experience, one thing that I have noticed is light quality varies wherever I went.

In Valencia, the sun was very bright by mid morning which made long exposures impossible sometimes even with my ND16 filter. One thing I always try to do during my visits is to scout my location in the morning and afternoon to try to understand and read the light to ascertain the best time to capture my images.

The second thing I do is take all the touristy images to get it out of the way. By doing, I get rid of all the images that I’ve previously seen in the past that are imprinted on my mind. After this, I settle down mentally and slow down in order to try to create what I have in mind.

Although, I did capture an image of the park, what intrigued me the most is the structure itself. Although this is what is seen on the outside, there’s so much that is hidden below the surface.

This is a structure that I can finally cross of my ever growing list.


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  1. paula graham says:

    stunning…photos of the marvellous site. Sadly they still have a bullfighting/killing ring. Such a shame the rest of this beautiful country has not followed Barcelona’s example and Ban Bull fighting torturing and killing.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you Paula. It’s indeed sad but it’s their tradition. Coming from a place that tradition is important, I can understand. Nevertheless, I do not agree with cruelty and pain for sport.

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