Simplicity and Starkness of Black and White

“Black and white is mix of toughest simplicity and easiest complexity.”

― Vikrmn, Corpkshetra

Striking photographs do not have to be of anything in particular, it is the way you compose them that counts.

Bold shapes, strong lines, rich tones and arresting camera angles can turn everyday subjects into exciting images. The further removed from reality they are, the more successful they tend to be. This is simply because the viewer often wonders what exactly they are looking at.

With the instant feedback from our cameras, it is easy to experiment further and push the boundaries. Once one is created, it is easier to see others.

Modern architecture is full of striking features. The one thing that can make or break a great graphic image is the quality of the light available. Clear sunny days when the light is harsh and intense and cast deep shadows are perfect for such images. Such light tend to be unsuitable for landscape or portraiture but suitable for capturing bold shapes and strong lines because it adds to what we are trying to create.

Black and white is about contrast, grey tones and shadows. Play as much as you want and go as dark as you would like. There are plenty of rules in photography and rules are definitely meant to be broken.

My photographs unravel the simplicity and beauty in the ordinary and the mundane.

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