Cravings – Minute

This image literally summarises what last year was for me. A year where I had loads of questions and also a year where I learned a lot about myself.

On the other hand, you will find that my work had a lot more simplicity introduced. Simplicity and peace is something that I readily crave. Living in a big and very busy city, peace and simplicity is something that I am drawn to.

This image was captured in Frankfurt and due to its simplicity, my aim was to use the edit to make it stand out. I’ve learned that various shades of grey evokes different emotions . In this image, I tried to use this knowledge to my advantage to create what I had in mind.

To do just that, I chose to simplify the the sky. Although it is dark, there’s light available. It is dark enough for details to be visible without straining the eyes. The use of various shades of grey allows me to gradually draw the viewer in.

Something about minimalism that just draws me in.

Minute © Pamela Aminou

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