Fast, Quick and Easy – Is this what we want?

Numerous times a year, we are subjected to the release of new cameras with faster shutter speed and lots and lots more of megapixels. So much megapixels that I wonder if we really need all that. Faster computer with more performance and better graphics than we know what to do with. Our phones are now mini computers in the palm of our hands.

I was fortunate to have witness two centuries and the days without all of these gadgets. Days where the phone line will be cut off when you connect to the internet. You can’t even walk into a supermarket without seeing a gadget to scan your own groceries. I am not complaining about gadgets, in fact I love and I am surrounded by them. I am one of the first people to watch reviews on any new computer and other new things that come out. But I’ve been wondering whether all of these fast and easy conveniences are what we really need.

I am discovering that if I slow don, I am able to give more attention to what I am doing and that’s what I am finding with my new love for still life. I am accustomed to long exposure and although it allows me to slow don, I am finding out that these two types of photography genre are different and still life requires very different set of skills that I am working on developing.

Fragility V

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