During the lockdown, I spent some days shooting some still. This is something that I’ve been wanting to get better at so I used the time on my hand o practice. Unfortunately, they are not anything that I am able to share yet.

I’ve always wanted to shoot some still, but like with everything else in photography, things takes time. So I decided to take my time to discover my own take on still life. A true work in progress. In the meantime, while going through my phone I came across this image and it made me reflect back to this time.

Back to the exciting moments where I couldn’t wait to get home to finish an image that I am creating. Exciting days when I could not wait to experiment. I miss having that feeling. So until I get that feeling back and be inspired again, I am diving headfirst into various books by my favourite authors. I love a good fiction.

What’s your favourite book? And your favourite author?

Prints and Ebook available on my site:

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