Patience – The Eye

Just like any other individual that finds architecture fascinating, I’ve had some favourites that I would like to get my hands on. So when I got the opportunity to photograph this beauty, I could not pass up the chance.

So when I finally had the chance to visit Amsterdam, I had to make this happen. However, when I arrived in the city I became ill. For over ten years I’ve had a trapped in my back which can get worse from time to time and makes my life a little miserable sometimes. When I arrived I had the worse flare up making walking let alone carrying gear extremely hard. I only had five days from work and my google maps was full of pins. Although, I missed quite a few spots, there was no way I was missing The Eye especially since it was only ten minutes from where I stayed.

This building is officially called Eye Film Institute Netherlands. It is a film archive and museum that preserves and presents both Dutch and foreign films. It is a striking and quirky in design and exactly what attracted my attention.

The original image capture was a long exposure which always adds a certain softness to images that are captured. I chose to capture it from this angle as to eliminate distraction and to focus on the its shape and form. For the edit, I removed a lot more distraction as I wanted the subject to be the focus of the image. I am very satisfied with the end result as it is exactly what I envisioned. On the same, I did capture the front of the architecture and even though I know exactly what I wanted to create as what I envisioned fits in with one of my ongoing series, I am just way too lazy to start. WHY?

It is because I know exactly the amount of work and time that I need to put in and yet I am still procrastinating.

The Eye © Pamela Aminou


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely stunning. I repeat stunning. Your work is always an inspiration.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      That’s an incredible inspiration. Not sure that I’m quite there yet. Many thanks Michael

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