Peace & Tranquility

Although, I seem to be one of the few that still can’t swim, I still can’t help to be drawn to the sea. I find the colours and the sound of the waves really soothing.

The image that I am sharing with you today is one of many that I took while on holiday in Thailand. I am not able to travel often, however Thailand has a special place in my heart.

As much as I love cities, I’ve never been tempted to visit Phuket or Bangkok. I find them to be way too crowded for me. I do love the islands for their peacefulness and serenity. The perfect place to relax and regroup. The other thing thing that will always stay with are the people. They are the happiest and welcoming people I’ve ever come across in my travels which makes it easier to want to go there year after year but the journey is quite gruelling.

What’s your perfect holiday?


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  1. Beautiful. Either New Zealand, or Iceland. Probably the two best countries in the world, in my opinion.

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