The comfort in symmetry

I was one of those kids that loved reading and loved maths and geometry. Later on, when I became interested in photography, composition to me became about seeing patterns. Patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Seeing things that stand out easily to me.

On the other hand, I also avidly go out of my way to look for patterns and things that are out of the ordinary.

The human eye is naturally driven to visual perfection and composition that work in harmony.

There’s a certain kind of comfort in those kind of images. This is why, this particular composition stood out to me. The edit was simply about enhancing the later and emphasising the relationship between the towers.

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I am a photographer currently living in London. Most of my work is in black and white because which I've found to be the best outlet to express myself. With patience a rather unique way of seeing the beauty around me, I enjoy creating a world that is unique to me.

4 thoughts on “The comfort in symmetry

  1. Beautiful images that you show … your text is also very precise when you say that our eyes are guided or attracted by these images, in the case of architecture, which are harmonious, pleasant to look at … I really liked your ideas .. .antonio

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