Flexibility in photography

I love to plan my days when I go out to shoot. I check weather, I check location and more to maximise my day.

However, when you are away and around only for a weekend, the ideal weather and every else goes out of the window. I would love to say that I would love to go back over and over again until I have the ideal situation but I am just not there financially.

So far, I’ve only been commissioned by one company to create black and white images of their office building for their website. Ideally, I would have liked to have some clouds, some wind to have the perfect cloud streaks for the images.

On the day of the shoot, we had the most beautiful blue sky, no cloud in sight and sunny. There was no way that I was about to contact the client and let them know that I couldn’t go ahead. I simply just had to make do.

I had to compromise as the client was on a deadline and so was I. As they say, when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. Lucky for me, I love lemonade and anything else made with citrus fruits so I’ve learned to make do with with every situation handed to me when in difficult situations.

The image today was taken on one those bright sunny days. With the absence of cloud streaks, I chose to go for a strong composition. My love for minimal architectural images aided me in this edit.

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I am a photographer currently living in London. Most of my work is in black and white because which I've found to be the best outlet to express myself. With patience a rather unique way of seeing the beauty around me, I enjoy creating a world that is unique to me.

6 thoughts on “Flexibility in photography

  1. Stunning image with great impact! It is very hard when traveling and trying to capture the image you envision but oftentimes I walk away with something even better than I anticipated. Great work!

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