Under the Tuscan sun

Whenever I am in a city, whether it is for three, five, a week or even longer, I always take the first couple of days to do a visit/ tour without my camera. I allows me to immerse myself and experience things peacefully and encumbered.

Upon my visit of Florence, I did not realise quite how small it would be when compared to London. Just exactly what was required and even better because I could walk almost everywhere, get lost and discover.

On the third day, I made the mistake of waking up late which meant that most of the images I had in mind were not achievable due to the conditions. The sun was high in the sky and blaring by 9am. Bad for my photography but great way to top up my vitamin D dose after escaping a grey and rainy London.

Instead of letting this discourage me, I chose to get out of my comfort zone and capture a few images. Here’s one of those images aptly named “Under the Tuscan sun”.


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