This year has probably been my less productive year since I first picked a camera.

I photographed less not only because my camera stopped working around this time last year and I am yet to put together enough money to repair it. I did manage to borrow a camera from a friend for a few months though.

However, I did take the time to go through my archives and while doing so, my reactions to certain images shocked.

I even laughed at some of the images then I realised that without the bad images then there wouldn’t be any good ones. Without the bad compositions, I wouldn’t have had the incentive to learn what made a good composition. I would not have bothered to dive deeper and I wouldn’t even had the drive to do so.

I realised that I was just being too hard on myself. I never took the time to say to well done for getting this far. Well done for improving and a very well done for hanging in there especially after all this time.

We are generally our harshest critics but I suppose it’s because we want to get better but we must remember to also encourage ourselves, to celebrate the little things and most importantly to enjoy the journey.

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