Travelling light

I love travelling and you will never find me travelling without my camera.

For short travels, I keep things to the bare essentials. This includes a body, a wide angle lens which is my ever faithful Canon 17-40mm f/4 and a telephoto my Canon 70 – 400mm f/4, ND filters and as many SD cards as possible.

For this image my usual wide angle lens was just enough. The original image was captured with a 16 stop ND filter.

My main concern when capturing this image is simply a strong composition especially since this angle suited me.

This image is that of the a bridge and the building across from it but while standing below from this particular angle, it looked as though the building across was playing peekaboo with the bridge.

It’s just the perfect angle of capture for me.

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I am a photographer currently living in London. Most of my work is in black and white because which I've found to be the best outlet to express myself. With patience a rather unique way of seeing the beauty around me, I enjoy creating a world that is unique to me.

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