Simplifying everything

While looking through past work from 2018 and 2017, Ive realised that my work has changed considerably. I’ve often wondered what’s the reason behind it?

The more I look my current work, the more I realised that I has simplified over time. Not because, I do not want to tackle complex images but it is just what I have been drawn to. The more things around me get complicated, the more I crave the quiet, the simplicity and everything uncomplicated in life.

So what do you do when everything around is chaotic, you find things whithin your grasp that you can control. Hence, my creative outlet has seen the effect of it.

The image that I am sharing with you today was actually taken 3 years ago. I remember having this composition in my mind for weeks then I waited until the weather was right.

Unbeknownst to me, the sensor of my camera has started to fail already. Since the majority of my images are long exposures some taking up to 5 minutes, it takes a toll on the sensor after a while.

During that particular day, the weather was changing frequently. I remember taking 4 images before leaving after this one. The sun was higher up and creating leaks on the images. Once I had my image, I convinced myself that it was something everybody would take and forgot about it.

I love travelling and with travelling you tend to visit very popular places. Popular places yield very similar images which is not what I look for. I still will take the popular perspectives just to get it out of the way before concentrating on my own point of view.

Here’s a very popular Tower Bridge from a different perspective.


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