Florence architecture – Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore

Even though I spent most of my time in Florence using my 35mm film camera, here’s one of the rare image that I captured using my DSLR.

My visit to Florence was early October 2 years ago. I’ve had always wanted to visit Florence. The culture, food and architecture intrigued me. Any time that I can combine my love for architecture with travel, I am a very happy girl.

My time was short and although I wanted to do as much as possible, I had to remind myself to take my time to also enjoy it. This is also the other reason why I wanted to take my 35mm camera. The more I use it, the more I love it. I able to concentrate more on what is around me, I see patterns and a few things I wouldn’t otherwise capture. As soon as I pick up my DLSR, I am back to relying on the LCD camera and back to my old habits.

My next challenge to myself is to combine my love of long exposure with my love of film.

Capturing the Duomo in early October was quite challenging. I seem to forget that London’s weather in not a point of reference for every country in the world. The weather was beautiful, warm and very sunny. Even though I love that kind of weather for walking around and visits, it is simply not ideal for me for long exposures especially moody ones.

I took the opportunity to visit museums and the local markets and more importantly eat my weight in pasta even though I am not suppose. The day before I was due to leave, the weather changed in my favour. A little cloudy in the early morning so I set out to capture my images before the piazza was overcrowded.


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