Are you telling your story through your photography?

“When forced to work within a strict framework, the imagination is taxed to its utmost and will produce its richest ideas” – T.S.Eliot



Choices, choices… We are overrun with choices. The choice of camera, which lens to use, which camera is the best at this and that and we forget the fundamentals of photography. I learned everything I could and read just as much. It took a lot of years to realise that the only part of photography that can be taught are only the techniques but vision and story telling are.

When I started taking photographs the questions are never thought to ask myself are the following:

Why tell stories?

What makes a good story?

What makes a good photograph?

What am I trying to say? and most importantly What is my story?

I’ve realised that why truly knowing who you are, it is truly impossible to tell your story.

I am a notoriously private person not because I wish to to hide anything but I was taught from a young that talking about yourself is rude and it constitutes bragging. It may be  a good lesson and it can be also bad. Even though it is not something that I think about on the daily basis, it definitely on the back of my mind.

Is what stops me for engaging or talking a little more about my work?

The truth is that like many others I suffer from anxiety. It stops me from engaging and even going to events where there’s a large crowd. Anything that revolves around me and my work simply makes me insanely nervous.

What I can tell you is that, I am aware of how I create each images along with why I’ve created everyone single one of my images in the last two to three years. Unfortunately, I find it rather hard to translate my thinking into cohesive words. Perhaps it is because I am simply not articulate enough or it simply because I am more of a visual person.

Although, I can bring to life what I envisioned a little easier than a few years ago, I still have things to learn and more importantly things to create.











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