Deuce – Revisiting old images

Ever wanted to re-edit an image that you took years earlier? Why not?

The image, I took in 2014 and it is one of my favourite images. It is one of my favourite image but maybe also on of the early black and white images that I actually like. As we all in photography, things take a while to come together.

When you are starting, you simply don’t have a vision and everything may seem erratic but that is completely normal. The reason why I’m sharing these two images is not to discuss journeys but because I’ve come to realise something.

Lately, I’ve felt that my images have been a little stagnant and I’ve been trying to work on a new series which is currently at stop. But what I like to do from time to time is to revisit place that I’ve taken some previous images that I like and see if I can do better.

The image above was taken using my first DSLR which was the Nikon D60 along with the kit lens. At that point, I didn’t even think that I even knew about long exposures. The image was only edited using Lightroom (I had a total hatred of photoshop then).

When I went pass the area again, I couldn’t resist taking another image. My way of seeing things has changed along along with my techniques. What I had in mind was an image that reflected what I was feeling and thinking. Something light and almost ethereal.

This has experiment has showed me that we are constantly changing, physically, mentally and especially our experience shape who we are. Who I am today, may not be who I am tomorrow.



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