Why is sharpness sometimes so overrated in black and white photography?

In this digital age, it seems as though we worry more about the number of pixels our cameras can capture and our image quality more than creativity and celebrating the art of creating.

In photography, they are so many rules and technical attributes and this has been widely accepted and the megapixels can become an addiction.However, the aim is not to let hinder the creative flow. We are all guilty of zooming in 10 times just to enter the image we captured is sharp. As if that’s not bad enough, we look for flaws in our own gears and buy into so many reviews in order to obtain the sharpest lenses on the market and manufacturers just take further advantage of this.

All of this can be ridiculous and really overshadows what photography is. Photography is about emotion, it is about a moment in time, expression and it also is about creativity.


In photography, we are always trying to evoke an emotion in the viewer or we are trying to express what we felt at a moment in time.

A moment

Behind every image there’s a moment captured forever. A moment that speaks to photographer and imbedded in him or her forever. A moment spoken through an image.


As much as you are able to capture what you see, photography also allows us to create whatever we feel, like and feeling


Through photography, we are able to express ourselves an so many ways. Even better through fine art photography.

Sharpness can be important under certain circumstance but a little blur can be used in a creative way as well. What is important is the essence of an image which can never be achieved with the most expensive camera neither with the priciest glass. If an image is boring, there’s no sharpness in this world that can fix it.

The image attached was the result of me playing around with HP5 with the Pentax ME. The camera itself is pretty basic and without anything fancy but its the resulting image that I fell in love. I love the blur and it holds your gaze making you want to guess what you are looking at.

Do you find that sharpness can also be overrated or it’s something that you live by?

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