Great ways to stay inspired in photography during the winter months

One the hardest thing I found after summer is adjusting to the colder months. It was especially worse this as we went straight from summer to winter. They are a few things that I’ve found that help me getting back out there in the freezing temperature.

  • I make it my priority to keep being inspired and one of the things that inspire me the most is the weather. Every weather has it’s own unique trait. Fall with it’s colour and winter with it’s fog and snow. I’ve found that those traits add their own unique look to each image.

  • I would say to invest in great winter clothing gloves, coat, scarf, wool jumpers and shoes as they are the things that will keep you protected out there. Yes, they can be expensive but they do last and will keep you getting out there.

For a few years now, I’ve bought my wool items from Uniqlo, good quality at a reasonable price. I am not advertising, when I find something that’s good then why would I keep it to myself. For the jacket, I go for North face because it the only coat that I’ve found adequate for wind I have to brace in London. When it comes to the feather down coat there’s more to my choice than the quality and price. It also has do with my ethics which goes along with North Face’s ethical down standard which is the main reason why I purchase their products.

  • For, architectural photography, I love the winter even though its cold, the light can be a lot softer which I live for long exposure photography.

In London we tend to get a lot of rain which is usually accompanied by wind. Although I would recommend to avoid rain and the camera, they are a few hours where the rain stops and you have beautiful moving clouds with soft well balanced light, I would recommend to take advantage of these moments for great stunning results.

  • Pick somewhere to travel to during the winter, somewhere not too far from you that you are not too familiar even if it’s just for the weekend. In the UK, Scotland, Edinburgh to name the few are beautiful to me in the winter. They are both within few hours travel but temperatures can be extreme and that’s where the good winter clothing come in.
  • If the outdoors are not your things, museums and galleries are the other best options. Not only will their be some great photography shows but less not forget paintings. They are a great to keep being inspired.
  • If you are into architecture, why not try documenting the inside of churches. These are a great way to learn various lightings and also composition as well as details. It can also be a new series to carry out.
  • The next suggestion will be make a zine. If you have never thought about it it’s a great time to start or start a still life series.
  • Put a portfolio together for reviews and get in contact with some galleries.
  • If all these fail to inspire, why not get in contact with some photographer friends, visit them or collaborate on a project together. There’s nothing better than learning from each other.
  • How about learning a new skill. If you would like to improve your photoshop skills, this is the time to start. Why not even start learning darkroom skills? It is certainly something I would love to do. Another skill I would like to polish is my documentary skills. I’ve learned to see architecture so I would like to that.
  • If this doesn’t work at all for you why not go somewhere hot and discover it.

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  1. Personally I love winter for photography – I just wish we had more snow/fog rather than rain!!

    1. pammyv02 says:

      I love snow and fog too for photography. Considering visiting New York just because of their blizzard 😊

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