New Year, New Goals…………………….

To say that 2017 was a confusing and difficult year is an understatement and I am very glad that it is over.

Although quite amazing things have happened to my work, you will notice that my post here were sporadic at best. I felt out of sort tired, confused and mainly lost. So I am hoping that this year, I manage to get some sort of stability back. Especially some focus to create new work.

For 2018, I’ve made a list of what I would like to tackle in the next 365 days. They are a way for me to clearly focus on my goals.

  1. Continue my still life series
  2. Find and incorporate more nature into my work
  3. Read at least one book a month
  4. Look after myself better – better diet and exercise
  5. Find artists to collaborate with (currently collaborating with illustrators)
  6. Start the self portrait series I’ve been pushing myself to do for over a year
  7. Share info on artists I follow and admire on Instagram and here
  8. Continue to develop my analog photography and start working on the long exposure series that I have planned.
  9. Learn to print my work especially since I am curious to learn Wet Plate Collidon. Experiment with more printing techniques
  10. Experience more cultural events and learn to live in the moment
  11. Work effectively and not more
  12. Learn something new everyday
  13. Learn as a community (more on that on the next post)
  14. Try to do a photography tutorial a month (I did say try………)
  15. Have a book published on my work (I self published a zine last year which was a great push for me in getting out of my comfort zone. I still have copies available and if you would like to purchase a copy please contact me. It will be a great help to fund my next projects)
  16. Read MORE photography books and find the rare ones that I’ve saved on my phone over the years.
  17. Become more fearless in my work and photographic experimentation.
  18. Create / organise a system for inspiration, ideas, goals, notes and thoughts
  19. Work on stronger portraits
  20. Learn to write and express myself better. Lean to describe and talk about my work more effectively
  21. Focus my writing to comment on the day to day of life
  22. Extend my photographs greater into the universal human experience
  23. Travel more and slowly. Try to remember that it is not just to capture moments but it is also enjoy and savour those moments.
  24. Further illustrate emotional life experiences into pictorial photographs
  25. Visit and explore the countries of my list (Spend 3 months exploring Tuscany, visit the National  Parks in the States)
  26. Last on my list is to put myself out more especially through my work and find an effective way to stop doubting myself…

What are your plans for the new year? I would love to see everyone’s plans

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