2017 and what it brought with it………


The tradition in January is to right down our resolutions and try to complete them within the next twelve months. It is something that I also do. The only difference this year, I’ve been wondering if I’ve accomplished some of the things on my list

  1. Put stronger ideas, meaning and emotion into my photographs. 
  2. Study the light in more details and to use it to create portraits
  3. Recreate the passage of time into my photographs through movements
  4. Shoot more film – This is definitely something that I’ve worked on all throughout this year. Even with the obstacles, I’ve stuck to it and I’ve had some succesful images.
  5. Make my photographs more like paintings. 
  6. Shoot more film and have successful results – See point 4
  7. Learn to develop and print my own film – I’ve been looking at some classes on this matter. However, I’ve taken a pinhole class where I’ve successfully printed a few images.
  8. Learn to worry less on what people think of me – Still working on that
  9. Learn to listen and most importantly follow my instincts – Doing a lot more that which meant that I’ve had my work published in an online magazine as well as two printed ones.
  10. Define the purpose of my photographs – Struggling with that quite a lot
  11. Define myself and style as a photographer and apply it to everything, not just my personal work. – I’ve learned that in order to
  12. Set new professional goals.
  13. Shoot more ballerinas.
  14. Shoot more flowers. – Shot quite a few but still working on the edits. Some of them are just stunning in colour and have been debating whether I should keep it as such or convert it to black and white. Only time will tell
  15. Make more videos (at least one every week) – Captured a lot of videos but I’m finding the edits difficult. Meaning I just don’t like them at all.
  16. Stop wasting food, wasting money, wasting products. – Less wasting food but still working on the rest
  17. Live with less.
  18. Believe in myself more – One day at the time
  19. Shoot more for others.
  20. Make a home. – I’ve had this dream of moving to the Provence, France. Not sure why? But probably due to the landscape, the ambience and mainly because I’m sick of the city.
  21. Save money for real vacations, not work vacations. – Took one vacation this year so that’s a great start for me.
  22. Create a portfolio site. – Finally started working on that in October.
  23. Work on my health everyday by eating well and exercise – Failed miserably at that. The eating in thrown out upside down most of the time because I work late so when I have to eat really late which isn’t great. As for the exercise, I’ve been trying to resolve the issues with my back first before I can get back to that.
  24. Find a way to create more romanticism in my work. – Still figuring out
  25. Build the life I want to live in, not the one others want for me. – I’ve figured out what I want my life to be so that’s already a start
  26. Learn to be more comfortable with myself and sharing my life. _ Still working on that. I still find it really difficult to just talk about my work. They are so many things that I’m still not comfortable in sharing. Not that I’m ashamed but somethings that I would just like to keep to myself.

All in all, I’m grateful for the highs and the lows of 2017 and what it has taught me.

Which one of your resolutions have you accomplished this year?

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