The funny thing about time…..

Earlier this week I was wondering how I made it through to the end of this year. This got me thinking about everything else in life.

We often hear that time is precious, we also often hear ourselves say that we do not have time. The strange thing is that time it is a luxury that we create for ourselves and for everything and everyone else precious in our lives.

I set out to create a 2 part series within a month, create, edit and publish them. By some miracle, I was able to create 8 images within a short time even though I was working and only the evenings to do on each time.

With the zine that I had published earlier this year, , it was something that I wanted to make for a while but I put it off due to the lack of time. But once I given myself a deadline, I was able to make it happen.

Time is simply an illusion and we are conditioned to believe that we have plenty of it and we put off what is is important to us just to constantly do the mundane things in life. Our time should be spent concentrating on things that truly mean something to us. But things are such a way in life that we tend to forget about ourselves. How about starting with spending one hour a day on ourselves………………………………

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  1. You’d think as an illusion it would be easier to dream more of it up!

    1. pammyv02 says:

      If only that was an option

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