The search for light….

Essentially photography is painting with light. The action of painting with allows us to see the beauty around us and as well as everything else. But I wonder if the capture of each moment. With my new obsession with analog photography, I’m able to slow down and savour each moment.

This process has taught me a lot. Observation is key and learning to read light when shooting. I love the simplicity of the cameras. The click of the shutter and the winding motion. I find each of these things soothing and refreshing.

Not being able to preview the images is another aspects. Although it can give knots in my stomach and questions on whether my capture is succesful. I’ve resigned to leaving the rolls for a couple of weeks before having them processed. It is a slow process but I’m loving the process.

I just came back from a week in Florence and to my surprise, I’ve used my Pentax ME more than my canon 5D. I’m looking forward to processing these myself but I have a few more purchases to make before I’m able to do that.


Prints and Ebook available on my site:

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