Photography and Emotions

I’ve always believed that the way and what we are feeling greatly affects how we edit our images. I can almost map my feelings through my work. Let me walk through this……..

I named the attached images “Little things” because it is the little things that we feel and the way we process our emotions that makes us  who we are. At the same time it is those same emotions that makes us who we are.

I have a history of keep my emotions down and I’ve noticed that it shows through my work

Little Things

I edited the image above the day that I wrote this article.  

If you read the article in the link, you will  know that my feathers were a little more than ruffled that night. The only way I know to work through what I feel is by doing what I know best.

Little things II

Unbeknown to myself, a couple of weeks later I edited the same image again. Only this time, I was a lot calmer and collected. Having seen both images together, I’m not sure which is my favourite.

The aim behind each image  is to always be able translate how I felt when I captured each image. However, the edit is different each time. One thing I’ve learned is that photography is an art. And as an art it is an exploration of oneself as much as a creation of images. Every photograph you make is a culmination of what you have experienced, what you have thought, who you have loved, all combined with your skill as a photographer.

As a result, our photographs are a reflection of who we are, and our lives can be read in them.

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