Photography and mortality


I’ve recently started to read a photographer named Eric Kim’s blog and I came across one of his articles on why we photograph?

Eric mentioned that “Photography is a meditation on mortality. Whoever we photograph will eventually die. And we will eventually die. We seek immortality through making photos.” This got me thinking on whether it is true.

I certainly agree that it is a meditation for me but I haven’t thought as far as my mortality as yet. But I’ve come to agree with his point of view. We will all eventually die, and what we create will eventually be our legacy. We are all familiar with photography Masters. Why do we consider them masters and why do we love their work?

We consider as such because they are the master of their field and we love their work because it is unique to the individual which is what I love. You can see the difference between Henri Cartier-Bresson images and that of Brassaï. Their strive to be themselves and tell their own stories which make them personal.

Late last year, I was reminded of how much life is short and I promised myself to make the most of everyday. This reminder pushes me to be a little more personal in my work and to create whenever possible. Maybe it is my way to subconsciously deal with my mortality.

Why do you you photograph?





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