My analog photography journey ……

For a while now I’ve haven’t had a same feeling I get when I pick up my camera. So I promised myself that I will get more involved with analog.

I have the camera and the film and I just needed to get going. I promised myself that this year, I will put more effort into it.

Getting started was easy but getting tangible results proved a little more problematic and more expensive than I thought.

My first and second were a wash. Out of 35 frames on each roll, I managed to have 10 decent images. That’s discouraged me a little but it wasn’t about to give up.

I then found out that the light meter on the camera wasn’t working properly so I decided to get a light meter app. That didn’t help much probably didn’t because I didn’t have the patience for it.

As a photographer, I’m not a fan of shooting 20frames per second on digital, when the cost of film processing is a lot more than digital, it definitely makes you rethink everything before you press the shutter.

Here are the few images that I’ve been successful with. Although I would have liked better results, the imperfections are what makes me like these images. It’s almost makes you smile to think about the effort put in.

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  1. Hi,

    Google the Sunny 16 rule and write a quick memory list: it helps when you are not sure if the meter is telling the truth.
    What film are you using and did the above all come from the same camera, because if so, then the marks look like processing problems. Agitation or not enough developer would be where I would first check..
    I’m glad you said you will not give up as it’s easy when you know how & for that read: everyone has these problems but not everyone is truthful enough to admit it.
    Film is a craft that takes time & effort, but so worthwhile when it all comes together.
    I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Hi David, your advice is definitely appreciated. I will not give up as the process of learning is worthwhile. As you said yourself, film is a craft. The images I posted are from my first roll. I had it developed from a lab. I just bought the chemicals myself and I’m looking forward to learning that part too. Pamela

      1. Just thinking this morning: you need to take your money & film somewhere else because non of what I see is your camera or you.
        For very little cost compared to a lab, you can do B&W as well as colour in the bathroom, very easy when you get past the initial ‘am I doing this right’ stage.

      2. pammyv02 says:

        I’ve purchased all the chemicals so I will start processing my rolls. Hopefully, the results will get better when I do it myself. Thank you for your encouragement

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