We need to be better photographers


“What we lack is not better cameras, but better photographers. It’s our turn” – David DuChemin

I’ve just came across this quote on instagram by David Duchemin, a photographer that I greatly admire. There nothing this man can’t do. If you would like to know more about him, please click HERE.

Why am I sharing this quote and what does it say to me?

Ever since I started on this journey, my aim has always been to improve and get better. As you do, you try your hand at every until you find something that you love but then you get restless again which means its time to learn and grow again. The only way I’ve known to do that is to experiment a lot and often. The aim of experimentation is not to copy others but to get out of your comfort zone.

However, we get so caught up with the new lens or new camera out there that we forget we started. I myself have lost interest in whatever new camera is out next in favour of learning and experimenting.

They are a long list of Photography Masters that we need to aspire to be and even to surpass. These men and women that have paved the way for us. Not only have they fought to make photography to be considered an art, it is truly up to us to show to ourselves that our is truly an art and not something to get loads of followers on social media networks.

How do we that?

First by not copying anyone else’s work and creating for ourselves. Create work that matter, work that means something to ourselves, work that tells a story.

Yes I do agree with David Duchemin, we need better photographers and we need to them.

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