Monday’s Photography Inspiration -Louis Emille Durandelle

Louis-Émile Durandelle (1839 – 1917) was a French photographer best known for his work documenting the renovation of Paris during the Second Empire.

He, along with his partner, Delmaet (with whom he worked until 1862) photographed the new Opera of Paris and its construction in great detail. After its opening, Louis-Emile Durandelle made a publication of 45 photos entitled Le Nouvel Opéra de Paris: Sculpture ornementale in 1876. These photos record the Opera’s sculpture. In the 1870s he documented the Paris Commune, an uprising against Napoleon III. Louis-Emile Durandelle is known to have photographed many other Parisian building projects, including the Hotel de Ville, the Ile de la Cité and the Eiffel Tower. Outside of the city he also made a series of photographs of Mont Saint-Michel. After the death of his wife, his old partner Delmaet’s widow, Louis-Emile Durandelle finally abandoned photography in 1890.

louis-emile-durandelle-01louis-emile-durandelle-02louis-emile-durandelle-03-940x685louis-emile-durandelle-04-940x668louis-emile-durandelle-05-940x646Der Eiffelturm im Bau mit dem Palais du Trocadéro im Hintergrundlouis-emile-durandelle-08louis-emile-durandelle-09louis-emile-durandelle-11louis-emile-durandelle-12

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