My plans for 2017

2017 has been a difficult year for me. Along with the good we are also blessed with some good days but we’ve all seen good and bad. The bad reminds us to be grateful for the special moments appreciate what we have the good and be tankful for the all the support that we receive from our loved ones.

For this year, I would like to focus more on myself and grow as an artists and creator. So I thought that I would put together my personal New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 something I can come back to and remind myself of what I’ve planned to achieve or better to tick what I’ve achieved off the list.

  1. Put stronger ideas, meaning and emotion into my photographs.
  2. Study the light in more details and to use it to create portraits
  3. Recreate the passage of time into my photographs through movements
  4. Shoot more film
  5. Make my photographs more like paintings.
  6. Shoot more film and have successful results
  7. Learn to develop and print my own film
  8. Learn to worry less on what people think of me
  9. Learn to listen and most importantly follow my instincts
  10. Define the purpose of my photographs.
  11. Define myself and style as a photographer and apply it to everything, not just my personal work.
  12. Set new professional goals.
  13. Shoot more ballerinas.
  14. Shoot more flowers.
  15. Make more videos (at least one every week)
  16. Stop wasting food, wasting money, wasting products.
  17. Live with less.
  18. Believe in myself more
  19. Shoot more for others.
  20. Make a home.
  21. Save money for real vacations, not work vacations.
  22. Create a portfolio site.
  23. Work on my health everyday by eating well and exercise
  24. Find a way to create more romanticism in my work.
  25. Build the life I want to live in, not the one others want for me.
  26. Learn to be more comfortable with myself and sharing my life.

What are your goals for 2017? I love to hear your plans. Please share below

3 Comments Add yours

  1. andrethibaultblog says:

    I think you pretty much covered everything!! Love this

    1. pammyv02 says:

      I really hope that I am able to complete some of the items of the list.

    2. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you so much

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