~~~~ Exhibition NEWS ~~~~

I have been meaning to write this up for a while but I’m never sure where or how to start.

I am happy to announce that eight of my images have been selected for The Photographic Angle 2016 – 2017 touring exhibition: Creativity

The Photographic Angle holds free exhibitions that travel across UK transforming empty spaces into temporary galleries. The exhibitions showcase contemporary work submitted by various participants, giving the public a chance to explore our fascinating medium.

For each exhibition, an expert in the art of photography is invited to select a new theme inspired by their own research, for which photographers can submit their work.

The Photographic Angle is linked to the Royal Photographic Society and in conjunction is responsible for funding a bursary for work in relation to environmental awareness. The charity also awards a number of its own bursaries each year.

The exhibition runs throughout the UK at various dates that can be found here.

I went to have a look myself at the first exhibition, and I must that all participants work are truly amazing and inspiring and what threw me off was seeing the size of the image below.


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