Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Tim Flach

Tim Flach is a London-based photographer, artist with work in several major international public collections, including the National Media Museum, UK and the Swedish Museum of Natural History. He is best known for his highly conceptual images of animals using principles of human portraiture and a vocabulary of gestures and looks which seem to echo our own and play on our predispositions and sympathies.

One of his books that spoke to me is named More Than Human. This particular book focuses on animals. A wide range of species but united by a distinctive style that is derived from his concerns with anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism. His interests lie in the way humans shape animals, and shape their meaning. Whether genetically, as with the featherless chicken, or with the symbolism that gives a special significance to a dove but dismisses a London pigeon as a flying rat. His images aim to promote discussion and encourage debate. Here are some images from this project.

This project highlights the link between us and animals and it shows that this planet does not belong to us alone.

More can be seen on his website


0027_Orangutan_Handflatten-copy1-1600x880 0028_Orangutan_Eyes_Looking_-Away-copy1-1600x1022 AP-Jumpo-1600x1600 AP-Orangutan-Group-copy-2-1600x1600 AP-Panther-web-1600x1000

Eyes-Main-Final-1600x867 Getty-wolf2-1600x800 gibbon-shaking1-1600x882 Gorilla-1600x1600 group2-1600x790 kiss-1600x1582

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