Thoughts of the week


“The joy of life come from our encounters with new experiences” – Unknown

This quote is a little reminder to make the most of our life and take time to savour those little experiences.

1 – This week I was reminded to always follow my instincts whether it comes to my own work or the path I choose to follow. It is not always easy for people to understand my work or to give me advice on my work.

At the beginning, I would take it to heart but I’ve come to understand that it is not personal. We all put our heart and soul into our work so it is hard to terms with the fact that it is not for everybody.

2 – The second reminder I’ve had this week was to revisit my archives from time to time.

Earlier this week, I went through my archives and came across an image that I took at the beginning of my photographic journey. Although I liked the image but editing was not right. But since photoshop and I are now friends, I chose re-edit the same image.  Having done that, I am now very happy with the final work. The re-edited image is below.

What has been going through your mind this week and what have you learned?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!



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