Monday’s Inspiraion – Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer is a German photographer known for her large scale colour images of interiors.

Born in Eberswald, Germany in 1944, this photographer likes semi-public spaces such as institutional architecture, in the absence of people as evidenced by he Räume series she started in 1980. Her photographs seem almost like portraits

In each of her images, she beautifully captures the psychological residue left in empty public spaces.

The lack of visitors allows her to concentrate her lens meticulously on the details, positioning herself symmetrically either in the centre of the rooms or along a diagonal that best reveals the spaces internal architecture.

Her places of choice are environment that contain an institutional history, embodied either in texts or in structures such as libraries, museums etc..

Here are a few of her work.

Candida Hofer 3 Candida Hofer 4 candida-hc3b6fer-teatro-comunale-di-carpi-i-2011-web candida-hc3b6fer-teatro-scientifico-bibiena-mantova-i-2010-web candida-hofer-02-181-639 CH-8511-Dominikanerkirche-Sankt-Andreas-Düsseldorf-II-2011 cnadida Hofer 2

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