I’ve always heard it say that hard work always pays off. Never has it been true in the case of the below image.
I restarted the edit on this image 3 times because I was not happy with the progress and it took about couple months to complete. It is the first time that I’ve worked on an image with such detail. I usually tend to capture details and parts that attract me.

Not only the conpletion of this image a personal  accomplishment but I am happy that I was able to translate my vision to obtain this result.

Since this type of edit tends to take time, I often work on multiple images at the time. It is usually the breakdown of the images and visualising the end result that takes times. I find it easier to not work on new images. It gives you an idea on my catalogue and storage issues that I often have.

If it was easy, then what’s the point. The aim of growth is the challenge after all.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far.


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