Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Moises Levy

Born in Mexico City in 1963, Moises Levy works in the city as an established architect. His earliest interest in architecture and photography occurred on a trip to New York City when he was 13 years old. He was fascinated with the buildings and the evening shadows of the city.

 In 1982, when he began his studies in architectur,  his appreciation of the natural relation between light and architecture has deepened. His subsequent travel to Boston, Paris and Venice served to illuminate the unbreakable bond between architecture and its relationship with light. It was this early interest in the qualities of light that lead Levy to photography, and as a counterpoint to his work as an architect he has now been drawn to landscape work.

About 15 years ago, he began to explore photography more deeply, with a broad interest in artistic composition, influences, history and styles. Levy appreciates the history of the medium, and states that he has learned from the photographic work of Sebastião Salgado, Edward Weston. Here are a few of my favourite images by this photographer and lots more cane be seen here.

Lighting-Tree by Moises Levy Moises-Levy-Water-Tree-XIII-Canvas-Art-0c8a45af-f1d8-4db0-84a8-29176f242405_600

My Boat by Moises Levy

Image by Moises Levy

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