Monday Photography Inspiration – Ezra Stoller

Ezra Stoller was an architectural photographer between the 1930s and 1980s. Just like Balthazar Korab, Stoller was also an architect. He began photographing buildings, models and sculpture during he studies. After his graduation, he worked with Paul Strand in the Office of Emergency Management before he was drafted in 1942 as a photographer at the Army Signal Corps Photo Centre.

What makes his architectural images effortless and easy to relate to is that they are first and foremost taken by an architect. Ezra Stoller has a unique style. Like the spaces he captured, his work is clean, simple and elegant. Through his images you could distill the essence of the structure as if he knew how to perfect the architect’s dream.

He believed in the honest ability of photography to reveal the structure, function and material qualities of a building and was one of the photographers that elevated architectural photography to an art form by capturing the mood of numerous buildings in their best light.

He was not interested in art photography but instead he was interested in architecture as it is, the look and the joy.

His images made architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright a household name. He also worked Eero Saarinen, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson, Paul Rudolph and Ralph Twitchell and many others

Here are a few images of his works.

TWA Terminal John F Kennedy John Hancock Building


Seagram Building

United Nations Gallery

Notre Dame Du Haut









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