What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is not about making things (even though it is does qualify). For me, creativity is about seeing ordinary things and seeing in them in a new light.

The simple act of creating things has a way of changing who we are and affecting all areas of our lives.

Creativity allows us to see the bigger picture. It’s about bringing together ideas from our own individual perspective and then presenting it to the world

From this perspective, things such as books, music, movies even the people around us can serve us a source of inspiration. Sooner or later, you realise that everything is connected and everything effort, hours put in all counts.

At the same time, creativity teaches vital life lessons. It teaches that persistence and sacrifice is important. Passion and excitement are the atoll spark that gets you started but in order to keep going you need patience and persistence. It teaches us that to be tough and resilient.  As not everybody will   like our work so we have to be ready to defend our vision and our work and in the process you have to develop a thick skinned.

It teaches us that is order to grow and develop as artists, we need to create not because of others but because our mind, body and soul demands it.

What is creativity to you and how has it affected your life?

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