Love your story and write it your way!!


For me photography is a way to write my own story.

I love writing which means that I carry around with me a book and a pen and I absolutely love the feel of it. I love gadgets and take notes in my phone by writing it down on paper brings a different feeling.

My thoughts, my ideas, what I am feeling are all written down and sooner or later translated into images.

The image I am sharing today is part of a series I am currently working on and it is a way to give me a way to express myself.

Photography has provided me with a way to reconnect with my life and live it. It has allowed me to see things from a different eye and from a different perspective.

Without further ado here is the first image from the series.

Hope by Pamela Aminou
Hope by Pamela Aminou

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  1. This is superb – well made.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you David

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