The perils of perfectionism

I use to think that wanting everything to be perfectly done and proper means that its one having high standards but it is not always the case.

I am not talking about being completely happy with your work before publishing it. I am talking about wanting to have things perfect all the times.

It is a good thing to have high standards and strive for excellence with our work, sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that it’s good for us but in fact it affects us creatively. We think that  we are a perfectionist because we have high standards and refuse to do average work. How else do you expect to learn. As they say “we can only learn from our mistakes”. How do you learn and progress when you leave no room for error.

We make ourselves believe that in order to reach that goal of perfect, we need to do more work, more research, learn new techniques or buy more equipments. We have to redo, revise and re-edit our work until we get everything just right.

I must admit even I’ve been guilty of this. In the end, we just procrastinate meanwhile convincing ourselves until everything is just right.

The truth behind all this is just that we are not ready. Ready and even scared of criticism.

One thing to remember is that they are so many ways to not complete our projects. All we do is dress it up in excuses after excuses.

Besides, who will question you when you want to learn new things. Learning is always a good thing right? Not always, all these extra informations can sometimes overwhelm and it becomes very difficult to filter things.

Perfectionism can sometimes prevent us from finishing previous projects and even start new personal projects.

It could simply be another excuse (not that you know it yourself) not to put your work out of fear of criticism.

What do you think?

Is perfectionism another excuse?

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