Photography and growth

I’ve always been a fan of going back to see your old works and see your progress. To be honest, I’ve come across a few images that made me cringe and a lot that I would not change.

It’s a great thing to see that my style is changing and I like it quite a lot.

I’ve started from colour images to predominantly black and white images landscape and architectural images. They are a few images that I’ve that I would take differently. Some people like to re-edit I’d like to see if I can improve on the composition and style etc.. For me the composition is the centre of the image and what tells the story.

What do the the changes in my work say to me?

The changes I see in my work tells me that ready to change and learn new things and apply them along the way. It means that I am getting better at seeing what’s around me. That is what creativity is about!

So the question to you guys is the same.  What does the changes in your work says about you?


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