A photographer????

In this digital age, it is so easy for anyone to call themselves a photographer. The question I have is, does taking a few pictures that people compliment makes you a photographer?

I’ve been taking photographs for a while and I am still not comfortable calling myself a photographer. A good example is Michael Salmella, a great photographer who work I admire a lot still calls him an amateur photographer.

I’ve come across some really breathtaking images taken by “amateurs”. But then again, what are amateurs?

My grand-mother has a great saying “As human beings, we grow or we die” by this she means that she learn new things and grow or our braincells die. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Only by learning and practicing that I’ve been able to get to grasp with long exposure. Even though, I love this technique, I still think that there’s quite a lot for me to learn. Not only that, but they are lots of things I want to learn and still need to.

As they say, practise makes perfect. So below, I am sharing an image that I took of the Blackfriars Bridge in London. I’ve only been able to take a picture that I am satisfied with only after my second visit.

I must say that soon after I took this image, it started to pour down but at least the clouds make for a beautiful site!!!

Have a wonderful day everybody!



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