St Paul’s Cathedral


St-Paul's Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral

Hi everybody,

Hope the weekend was relaxing.

Mine was uneventful and I managed to get finally get some much needed rest which makes a difference.

Back to the subject on hand, the St Paul’s Cathedral image. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of St Paul’s ever since I can remember but I always end up not venturing there. Why? Mainly it is one of the most photographed architecture in London but again it is easy to know why.

I finally ended up in that area a little over a month ago after sunset. Upon my arrival I was amazed about the amount of the photographers lined up. Likely I wasn’t there for the sunset I wasn’t late.

Even though I wanted St Paul’s in the background, I did not want it to be the main subject. I wanted the Millenium Bridge as well.

What do we think?

A wonderful start to the week everyone!!!

Paméla xoxo

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