Leadenhall Building

Leandhall Building by Pamela Aminou
Leandhall Building by Pamela Aminou

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far.

Continuing on the buildings around Lime Street, I am now introducing you to Leadenhall Building.

Leadenhall Building or The Cheesegrater as this building is also known, is a 225metres tall skyscraper opposite the Lloyds Building. Due for completion this year and designed by Richard Rogers, this building possesses multiple beams that are strategically placed to form perfect diamonds all through the building. The later can be easily seen through the glass exterior of the building.

Unlike other tall buildings, which typically use a concrete core to provide stability, the steel megaframe provides stability to the entire structure and is the worlds tallest of its kind. The base features a 30m high atrium.

Hopefully, I will get another opportunity to explore this building further and maybe to uncover some of its secrets.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Paméla xoxo

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