A different perspective

A-different-perspective by Pamela Aminou
A different perspective by Pamela Aminou

“We learn by doing, there’s no other way” – Unknown

As long as I remember I’ve been shooting landscapes and architecture. It had occurred to me that most of the images of the Lloyds Building is mainly of its structure. I also have taken images like that. Since it is not shown in it environment, I chose to do just that.

What made chose this composition is the contrast between architecturally traditional building and the metal framework of the Lloyds building.

This area is now filled with new buildings mostly under construction, changing its look. However, the old buildings tend to add more character. Shame that they are disappearing so quickly.

Have a wonderful day everybody!!

Paméla xoxo


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  2. Loved reading this tthanks

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you!! Glad to hear it.

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