What would you discover today?



London Southbank
London South Bank


The days are now longer, cherry blossom tree are lining practically every road and most importantly it is getting warmer. All tell tale signs that summer is in horizon. While we reminisce on where we are going on whether we are going holiday or staying put why not take a holiday in you city. I live in London so it is a good example to start…

I can see the eyes rolling and the question marks arising as if this was a cartoon but hear me out before you write me off.

How many of us have truly taken time to visit and to get to know our cities in more depth. Whether it’s discovering new restaurant, visiting new areas and meeting new people. We get so lost in the routine of either work, home, the occasional movie that we forget that there’s a lot more things we could be discovering. I am personally guilty of this.

So with the aid of my camera, I am discovering more of London. Next step the surrounding cities…who knows?

Speaking of London, the image I am sharing today is the view of London South Bank. This view never fails to impress.

Have a wonderful day every!!!

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