Millenium Mills Spillers

Millenium Mills Spillers
Millenium Mills Spillers

The image above is that of the Millenium Mills Spillers building located on the South side of the Royal Victoria Docks by the Thames Barrier and the Excel centre. It was designed and built by millers William Vernon & Sons in 1905. Vernon and Sons named the mill after their most successful product, a flour variety which they called “Millennium Flour” after winning the “The Miller Challenge Cup” at the 1899 International Bakers Exhibition.

In 1920, Vernon & Sons was taken over by Spillers Limited at which time the Millennium Mills was acquired. Spillers was an established flour milling business, which subsequently went into the production of dog food and animal feeds by 1927.The Spillers name remains prominent on the building.The Millenium Mills was rebuilt as a 10-storey concrete art deco building in 1933.

What attracted to this shot was the derelict look to the building and its placement. I took the image, a couple of weeks ago on a very warm and sunny day. In order to get some movements in the clouds and blur the water I had to use some filters. A combination of ProStop IRND 10,  ProStop IRND 3 and a Polariser followed by experimentation in order to determine the right exposure.

As for processing, I used Lightroom to correct the white balance followed by a few colour corrections. I then converted the image into monochrome and then played around with the colours in order to achieve the right tones. I then finished off in photoshop.

Hope everyone’s been having a wonderful week.

Paméla xoxo

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