The Willis Building

The WIllis Building
The WIllis Building

Hi everyone, Hope your week has been going well. Today I am sharing the second image, I’ve managed to get after my fight with the weather. This is the Willis Building. It is a 28 storey skyscraper directly opposite the Lloyds Building. It is the fourth tallest building in London. It features a three stepped design, which is intended to resemble the shell of a crustacean. However, from the angle of the above image, only the front of the building can be seen. Entirely covered in glass, it is as impressive as it is imposing. The image itself was taken using long exposure and using a 10 stop ND filter. I can honestly say that it is the first time I’ve used this filter and it will take some getting use to before I am comfortable. But I am pleased with the results. Next time can only be better.

Have a wonderful day everybody!!!

Paméla xoxo

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  1. Some great images over the last few months – well made.


    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you very much David

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