The Broadgate Tower 2


The past week has been a little hectic so haven’t had time for any new posts. Now I am back with more images to share.

About a week or so ago, David A Lockwood said something that I couldn’t forget. He said that his wife always says that people look without seeing – a statement that that can apply to myself in more occasion than one.

I live in the city, more precisely in London. More often than not you are in the hurry so even when it’s the weekend you seem to be running. A habit that stays with you and this leads to impatience which is one of my biggest flaws. I even find myself rushing from one place to the next when I am shooting which results in over shooting – the digital age

Since reading that statement from David, I’ve found myself doing more research, taking time on locations to simply look around, compose my image more carefully before shooting. when I got home that afternoon, I had loads of well composed images that I am actually happy with, some of them not even requiring editing.

If you are not familiar with David’s work, I suggest you click on the link above. Am a great admire of his work.

Broadgate Tower 2

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