Printing our work !!!


London Bridge 2


In this digital age, our work tend to be processed on various screens and then shared on social media to be seen on another screen. We then forget to print our work.

It is important to print our work, study it, hold it in our hands. Whether you are printing it yourself or have it done, it will teach you more about your photograph than just looking at it on a screen.

The first print I’ve have done cost me an arm an a leg but before the final print, I had test print made. The test print revealed so much that I had to carry out some corrections and re-edits before going ahead with the final print.

Although, I found out that it is important process part of my workflow, it is very costly. The most cost effective solution maybe to buy a printer. However, they cost a pretty penny too. However, on the long run it is an investment.

While watching The Art of Photography podcast last week, he had a good suggestion which is to have contact sheets made. It is a cheaper way to go about it and it can be easily done in Photoshop.

How important is it for you to see your own work in print?

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