Photography and Music


Ever since I was young, music played an important part in life. I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to music and what I listen to daily varies on my mood and even what I am doing. When I am editing, I need to have some type of music in the background, it helps me to focus. My music library contains over 3000 songs that I listen to regularly. On my most played list you will Bon Jovi (80’s tunes of course), Ledisi, Antony Hamilton, Mos Def, 2 pac, Eminem, Nina Simone and so many more………

A song I’ve been into of late is Stimela by Wynter Gordon. A very talented artist who’s work I discovered late last year. Not only does the chorus stick to mind but the lyrics refer to PAIN. An emotion we can all relate to. A beautiful authentic, moving song that’s original.

Listening to this allows me to dig deep and deeper within myself and let my emotions out. This can be seen over and over again with my work. Each image I shoot is different, each hugely influenced by my emotions whether they are anger, pain, confusion and happiness or sadness. Each of these making every single image unique and special.

All these things that makes me who I am.

Hope you guys find this video as inspiring as I do.

Happy Friday everybody!!!

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